FAQ's ADULTS & Kids 


Q :Can you explain how the GB1 Beginners program operates? 

A: Introducing the GB1 Adult Beginners Program for BJJ Enthusiasts

For adults with little to no experience in BJJ, the GB1 Adult Beginners Program is the perfect place to start. This 16-week program is designed to teach the fundamental techniques of BJJ and self-defence. Its aim is to establish a rock-solid foundation for your BJJ journey. You can join at any point, and it repeats every 16 weeks, providing ample opportunities to learn and refresh your skills. Even advanced students continue to attend GB1 classes to master the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu. Take advantage of this chance to get your body moving in the right way, improve your fitness and flexibility, and above all, learn

Q: How does the Belt System work? 

All students begin as a white belt. There is a minimum requirement of lessons attended in order to be evaluated. Once the student has reached the minimum requirements, the head coach or professor will evaluate the student and decide if they are ready to receive one of 4 stripes on their belt, or, once 4 stripes are reached, whether they are ready for the next belt. The order is White belt>Blue belt>Purple belt>Brown belt> Black belt. It will likely take any individual at least 8-10 years to become a black belt in the art of Jiu-Jitsu. (There are belts beyond this, earning titles of Master and Grand-master) 

Q: What do I bring to my FREE trial class?

A: All you need to bring is an open mind and an unyielding attitude. We assume you already possess these traits. We provide you with the necessary equipment, such as a Gi, Rashtop, and Belt, to wear over basic workout clothes or underwear. Bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout the session. Wear thongs or slides as footwear, or any easily removable shoe, as shoes are  required to be worn when off the training mats.

Q: Do you keep our facilities clean? 

A: Yes, we are always sure to provide a clean, safe training environment. Our training mats are sanitised daily and we are always up to date with NSW Health guidelines and follow them strictly.

Q: Will I need to acquire any specific uniform if I decide to join your team?

A: Yes, you'll be required to obtain the full GB uniform, which includes a Kimono or Gi, a GB Rashguard and a GB belt. The uniform is crucial to various aspects of being a GB student. It ensures uniformity, promotes good hygiene, and is essential for effective training. You can view the uniforms at gbwear.com.au, but we recommend purchasing from our onsite GB Pro Shop to avoid shipping fees.

Q: Do you have female only classes? 

A: Our Classes: Opportunities for Mixed Adult Training and Growth

At our gym, we provide a range of classes that cater to adults of all skill levels. Whether you're interested in beginner classes in Gi (GB1), advanced Gi classes, or Adult No Gi classes, we have something for everyone. Our coaches make it their priority to match students based on their strength, size, and experience level to ensure optimal comfort during training. As you progress, you may want to challenge yourself by competing against stronger and larger opponents to better prepare yourself for real-world self-defense situations. We are dedicated to fostering the growth of our women's team. As more female members join, we aim to provide more opportunities for women-only classes. Additionally, we have women coaches on staff whenever possible to ensure a supportive and inclusive environment.

Q How fit do I have to be to start Jiu-Jitsu Classes? 

A: BJJ is a great way to get fit! We can work with whatever fitness level you are starting from. 

Q: Do I have to touch other people?

A: Yes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a full contact sport. It's usually a strange experience for people to touch others in a class for the first time. Everyone in our classes is very friendly and we have a strict code of conduct. There is a clear structure and it's always clear how and when contact should be made. No one will touch you without your consent. If you are every unsure whether something is appropriate, always speak to the coaches or school owner about your concerns.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a contact martial art and is a fighting sport, sometimes it can be uncomfortable to engage in for that reason. When you are learning, training partners are encouraged to be gentle and safe with each other. There is no ego on the mats and tapping out as soon as you are uncomfortable is encouraged, particularly until you get used to the sensations and work out where your limits are. One of the skill sets you learn participating in this sport is how to expand your resilience and tolerance for discomfort, but our focus is longevity and we want you to continue participating until you are old and grey!

Q: Are there special rules I should know about?

A: No one will rouse on you for doing the wrong thing, you are here to learn! There are some etiquette guidelines for our school and all Gracie Barra schools Posters are displayed within the schools. 



Q: What qualifications or checks do our instructors have?

A: All our instructors have done the comprehensive Gracie Barra Instructor Certification Program which is repeated and updated every year. This includes a global background check. All our Instructors and First Aid Certified and have an up-to-date Working with Children Check. Some of our instructors have additional health and fitness qualifications. Some of our coaches have additional certificates that connect both to their other work as disability support workers and working with children with diverse needs.

Q: What do I need to bring for my childs FREE trial class?

We lend you a Gi, the uniform we wear, to put over simple exercise clothing or underwear. Bring a waterbottle to ensure you stay hydrated. For footwear, please wear thongs or slides or another shoe that is easily put on and taken off as shoes must be warn when not on the training mats. Make sure your hands and feet are clean and nails are cut short.

Q: Do we keep our facilities clean? 

A: Yes, we are always sure to provide a clean, safe training environment. Our training mats are sanitised daily and we are always up to date with NSW Health guidelines and follow them strictly.

Q: When I decide to join, do I need to get a special uniform?

A: You are required to have the full GB uniform as a member of our team. This consists of a Kimono or Gi as well as a GB Rashguard and GB belt. The uniform is essential to many components of life as a GB student. It ensures we are all on a level playing field, that we all have what is required for good hygiene and good training. Uniforms can be viewed at gbwear.com.au but we have a GB Pro Shop at the school where you can purchase the uniforms without paying for shipping. 
A: Our kids classes are aged based. Each class funs for 50 minutes and we normally have 15 - 25 students in each class. Coaches are always mindful to pair all students as to their strength, size and experience level to ensure the comfort of our students. we try to manage one coach to 4 children ratio. As you child get more experienced, the might try to test their skills against bigger, stronger opponents to more accurately simulate a real-world self-defence scenario. We  have women coaches wherever possible and are passionate about the growth of our Pink team. As we gain more with competition minded members, there may be more scope to expand to kids comp classes.

Q: How do I pay?

A: After the free trial which ensures your child is comfortable and keen to continue in class, they can begin a membership with us. We use a company called PaySmart for this and memberships are paid via direct debit. 

Q: How does the JIu Jitsu belt grading system work.

A: If your child is attending classes regually, on average 8 times a month, showing personal improvements during class and at home, and using their Jiu Jitsu skills during class,es gradings occur monthly.