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Team Members

IMG_5326Professor Gene “Genáo” De Crewis

Head instructor/owner

Gracie Barra Hunter Valley

Gracie Barra Black Belt 1st degree

Gracie Barra Certified Instructor

I began training in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2003 with Gracie Barra Newcastle. At the time I was very unfit and unhappy with my lifestyle choices. Gracie Barra Newcastle and the BJJ training lifestyle changed my life for the greater. It helped me become a better husband, father, friend and mentor. It has always been my goal to open my own Gracie Barra School in the Hunter Valley, now my goal has been accomplished, my mission is to teach the people of the Hunter Valley Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and keeping Master Carlos Gracie Jr’s legacy alive by spreading his words about JIU JITSU FOR EVERYONE!

A strong influence in my life is my professor, Marcelo Rezende – the owner of Gracie Barra Sydney. Thanks to his guidance, friendship and support I have the confidence to continue the teaching philosophy and methodology developed by Master Carlos Gracie Jr. I am proud to be part of the biggest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu family in the world, Gracie Barra. Prof. Genâo is certified under the Gracie Barra Instructors Certificate ICP-5, is a current first aid certificate holder and has working with kid’s clearance.




IMG_5330Professor Mark Lawson

Gracie Barra Black Belt

Professor Mark started his BJJ journey in 2001 whilst working in Deniliquin. In 2005 Mark moved to Newcastle  where he continued his training at the original Gracie Barra Newcastle where he met Prof. Genáo and both became great friends.  When Prof Geno opened his own Gracie Barra school in Maitland in 2013, Mark came and joined the GB Hunter Valley Team. Mark trained under Prof. Genáo hard to gain his GB black belt in 2016. Mark is currently enrolled to start the Gracie Barra Instructors Certificate Program this year.

Mark works in the NSW Police Force. We have a growing number of NSW emergency service personnel training at GBHV.   Mark is often seen on the mat teaching and assisting in the All levels, Advanced Programs & No Gi classes. We are honoured to have Mark on the mats training and teaching.








Coach Paul has been an active member at Gracie Barra Hunter Valley since the academy opened in 2013. Paul is a purple belt in BJJ and has competed as both a white and blue belt in BJJ competitions. Paul completed the Gracie Barra Instructors Certificate Program in 2016 revisited course and is very active with assisting and instructing the fundamental classes. Paul is more then happy to train and assist any team members. Paul also has a senior first aid certificate.  OSS!

“Jiu-Jitsu For Everyone!”



13920822_688483224635068_385602032150723472_nCOACH ADRIAN

Coach Adrian is one of our kids coach at GBHV.  Adrian’s background is in various martial arts. Adrian’s discipline,  persistence and never give up attitude teaching style  has produced great results with children with poor attention and focus.  Adrian’s three children train at Gracie Barra Hunter Valley. Adrian is a Gracie Barra certified instructor and trains himself 3- 5 days a week and is very passionate. Adrian also teaches and assists with the Fundamentals and All Levels adult classes. Adrian has a current working with kids clearance. Adrian has his Cert 4 in community service and current first aid certificate.





13681002_671938722956185_4386795928984412871_n COACH PAT

You will find Coach Pat on the mat 2-3 times a week assisting with the Junior and Teens program.  Pat’s youngest daughter, Riley is part of the Junior & Teens program at Gracie Barra Hunter Valley. Pat has a kind heart and gentle nature which is a valuable asset when working with kids in BJJ. Pat has embraced the BJJ life style, for which is assisting him with his own personal goals in life.

Pat always makes himself available to assist with the adults in their BJJ training and is a valued team member. Pat has a current working with kids clearance. Pat is the owner and operator of his own business, Sally & Patrick’s fruit and veg, despite his busy business life, he still finds the time to volunteer his time.




Karen is here to assist with any enquires and member’s needs. Karen also teaches and assists with the Future Champions and Junior and Teen’s program. Karen’s  previous employment was  in the NSW Police Force where she specialised in Child Protection & general Detective work. Karen is a Gracie Barra certified instructor,has a current working with kids clearance and hold a current first aid certificate.

Jiu Jitsu For Everyone!


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